Founded as Old Salem in the early 1800’s, the city was largely unremarkable. It only became known when the town and everyone in it vanished off the face of the map. What few merchants from the eastern seaboard who came to the two claimed it was swallowed whole by the earth itself. Superstition and further westward expansion kept the site vacant until the late 40’s, when a number of private citizens relocated on the site. Fearing the growing power in Europe, both seen and unseen, they relocated their families and set up a number of homes on the site. When their fears never materialized, the group simply settled in and soon became known only as Salem. The population grew over the years, though never quite how people expected. A number of strange creatures began to make the outlying area their home. Something drew them there but no one in the town was ever sure of what it was. At least not until 1973. On the eve of the Winter Solstice, huge earthquakes began to shake the town. A number of citizens were able to evacuate, only to turn back in shock at what they saw. The entire center of town out to a mile wide, simply collapsed inwards in a giant sinkhole. What spread over the news as a strange calamity had it’s roots in something far more complex.

In 1974, shortly after the incident, an emergency runoff election placed a very singular man in the mayor’s office; Immeral Windsong charmed the populace and promised a new era of prosperity, not a difficult feat for an Eladrin just out of the Faewyld. The true reasons for his candidacy lay in his knowledge of what really happened to Old Salem and it’s progeny. The site itself was located at the focal point of a number of major ley lines. At regular intervals, which Immeral had noticed through the veil of his homeland, the lines would erupt with arcane energy and flood to this one point. While the effects were never consistent, it always lead to the utter obliteration of anything located there. Because of these disruptions, however, it made passage from the Faewyld to the Prime Material an easy one. It was for this reason that Immeral stepped forward and built the Obelisks.

To stabilize the town and disperse the surges, a series of obelisks were located at key points around the town. Immeral made certain their true nature, to even the flow of the lines, was cloaked behind a veneer of “civic beautification”. Now constantly saturated with the arcane, creatures of every ilk began to flood into New Salem. Once Immeral’s intentions were uncovered, hardening the ambient energy into pure Residium to sell on the planar markets, he was quickly deposed. No longer controlled by the public office, companies began to set up shop with intentions of their own. The Obelisks were removed an in their place a number of skyscrapers were built. In the basement of each was a specially designed power station, capable of converting the surges of arcane energy into electricity. Massive crystal “capacitors” kept the flow regular and suddenly, New Salem found itself the center of all things extraplanar.

Now the town is home to well over ten million inhabitants. Most are demihumans of one form or another but a few more powerful are something else entirely. In such a complex and opportunity rich environment, a number of new players came onto the field. That brings you to us.

We are TITAN, an elite organization of top scientists, field agents, military personnel and political players. What we do is really too vast to explain in this orientation. All you need to know right now is that you are just the sort of person we’re looking for. Talented, driven and hungry for a new opportunity, we believe that you’ll be an excellent fit for TITAN

... and TITAN will be only too happy to have you.

Nature of New Salem

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